Snorkeling: fish, corals, turtles, what can we see?

The most beautiful seabed are observed on the scuba diving spots, but it is possible to see already many things while moving a little bit off the shore with a mask and a snorkel. Some spots are so famous that it is sometimes difficult to swim quietly during the tourist season! So what can we see with a mask? Essentially small to medium-sized coral fish, but also beautiful yellow sponges, gorgonians, corals and hydraires, impressive sea urchins (watch out for thorns!) and also chatrous (octopus) and lobsters.

The lucky ones – or especially the more discreet ones – will have the chance to cross imposing jacks, small barracudas, or even sea turtles! Snorkeling can be practiced by everyone from the youngest age – provided the children are accompanied of course. Thanks to the water temperature (all the year between 25 and 30 °c), it is possible to stay very long in the water. But in Martinique as elsewhere some rules of prudence must be observed scrupulously … Always better to practice with a scuba club!

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