How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Locals and tourists, everyone is stung.

But the locals are used to it and they react less to the presence of mosquitoes.To avoid stings the best is to cover the body with a light shirt and long pants especially at dusk. It is also advisable to sleep under the shelter of a mosquito net (some models are adaptable to the cots or children) or in a room freshly air-conditioned. Among the little things to know are the fact that mosquitoes are particularly attracted by the smell of human sweat. We sweat abundantly in the West Indies and it is better to take regular showers and to wear clean clothes. In our experience commercially available repellents are less effective than the wind which is a real friend in this fight. Also note that the dry season (December to April) is the least favorable for these painful insects which are then a little more discreet.