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Security in Martinique

There is no particularly noticeable problem of insecurity in the tourist areas of Martinique: The surroundings of hotels or residences are indeed often calm. But it is advisable, as for all holiday destinations, to be careful when going to the beach: Personal effects should not remain unattended during the bath and it is advisable to leave nothing visible in your car . The city of Fort de France, however, is considered less safe … Especially some neighborhoods like Trenelle, Sainte Thérèse or Dillon that should be avoided especially at night.

Today: the Aquarium

Diving spots not to be missed

The aquarium is the well-name site. The last mooring is not to far from the coral reef that rises almost to the surface in the bay of Ste. Anne. The first mooring that was on the reef, is now covered with coral and serves as a support for a Venus Fan (Small victories of nature). Between those two moorings the Aquarium has been fallow had been forgotten, left fallow for about 3 years. This dive can be done at very shallow 5 to 8m between patches and barrier coral in a variety of small fish, and sometimes you can even meet big turtles next to the sea grass. Another diving profile could be done from the same mooring. If you go behind the barrier reef, you can visit a wall that goes between 10 and 20m. You might spent a while in the schools of fish and come back to the flat area for décompression time. Just follow your instructor that will introduce you to the residents.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Locals and tourists, everyone is stung.

But the locals are used to it and they react less to the presence of mosquitoes.To avoid stings the best is to cover the body with a light shirt and long pants especially at dusk. It is also advisable to sleep under the shelter of a mosquito net (some models are adaptable to the cots or children) or in a room freshly air-conditioned. Among the little things to know are the fact that mosquitoes are particularly attracted by the smell of human sweat. We sweat abundantly in the West Indies and it is better to take regular showers and to wear clean clothes. In our experience commercially available repellents are less effective than the wind which is a real friend in this fight. Also note that the dry season (December to April) is the least favorable for these painful insects which are then a little more discreet.

Snorkeling: fish, corals, turtles, what can we see?

The most beautiful seabed are observed on the scuba diving spots, but it is possible to see already many things while moving a little bit off the shore with a mask and a snorkel. Some spots are so famous that it is sometimes difficult to swim quietly during the tourist season! So what can we see with a mask? Essentially small to medium-sized coral fish, but also beautiful yellow sponges, gorgonians, corals and hydraires, impressive sea urchins (watch out for thorns!) and also chatrous (octopus) and lobsters.

The lucky ones – or especially the more discreet ones – will have the chance to cross imposing jacks, small barracudas, or even sea turtles! Snorkeling can be practiced by everyone from the youngest age – provided the children are accompanied of course. Thanks to the water temperature (all the year between 25 and 30 °c), it is possible to stay very long in the water. But in Martinique as elsewhere some rules of prudence must be observed scrupulously … Always better to practice with a scuba club!