Natiyabel is located in the very south of Martinique. Our dives take place on both coast : South-Est for the very experienced divers and the South-West to discover the very diversified dives from the coral reef around Sainte-Anne and Sainte Luce to the Diamand Rock and the wreck of Anses d’Arlet.


Dive boats depart at 7:00 am or 8:00 am (meeting time at the divecenter) each morning for one tank or two-tank boat dives. The instructors will check all the equipments before the dive.

If you are Nitrox certified and plan to dive with Nitrox please let us know when you register so we can be sure to set up a Nitrox tank for you.


The dive sites to be visited any given day will be determined by a number of factors including guest requests, weather, availability and boat captain preference.

Once at the dive site, the captain will give a dive description of the site, safety rules and parameters for each group (maximum 3 groups of 4 divers). We often have double tank dives in the morning.

Depending on the sites visited and time spent at each, we are generally back at the dive dock around 12:30. We’ll take care of getting your gear rinse and stored. We meet at the diving center at 2:00 PM for the afternoon single dive.

For Night dives, we generally meet before sunset depending on the purpose of the night dive. It could be a good experience to enter the water at dusk. This allows the diver to see the end of the day life and the beginning of the night one. However the program could be slightly different if we want to observe the spawnings of corals, for example.


All Prices are quoted in Euros and we welcome US Dollars. Dive prices are per person. They  include all charges.  They may be subject to change.

Diving Options

Packages for certified diver Prices
1 tank dive  55€
2-tanks dive 95€
Package of 4 dives (for 1 diver) 180€
Package of 6 dives (for 1 diver) 255€
Packages of 10 dives (for 1 diver) 380€
Special Packages for certified divers  Prices
Night dive +10€
1 Nitrox dive +10€
2-tanks Diamond Rock dive 95€
1 Wreck dive + Diamond Rock in a 2 tanks dive 120€

Prices include Equipment.

Dive Courses Prices
*Discover Scuba Diving in 3 dives (1 confined + 2 Diamond Rock) 155€
SCUBA DIVER  : 2 confined dives  + 2 boat dives 225€
Open Water : 4 confined dives + 4 boat dives. 390€
Advanced: 5 boat dives 290€
Rescue Diver: 6 boat dives 360€
EFR : in 1 day. 150€

Course prices include : training dives and dive equipment for the duration of the course. But it does not include PADI FEES : +70€

Discover Scuba Diving with a 1 confined  and 1-tank boat dive
After learning the basic guidelines and skills at the Resort’s swimming in the morning, you and your instructor will body dive at the most protected area of the Diamond Rock which is also called ‘the swimming pool’.

Enjoy with NATIYABEL

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